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Thank you for a beautiful, inspirational meditation.


 I liked the reflections and I loved the phrase: I completely accept and love myself. You made me start my day with gratitude and happiness. Thanks!


I smiled and felt the gratitude the entire time!!! Thank you!


What a great way to start my MONDAY morning! Thanks so much for making a positive space for us!


Group Meditation & Journaling Sessions

  • 1-hour sessions either 1 time or in a series

  • Provided either virtual or in person

  • Discussion of mindfulness in the workplace

  • Information on how Meditation can help in the workplace

  • 7-10 minute Live Meditation 

  • Journaling prompts to take away

Corporate EAP Plan

Provides a confidential source that employees can use to find support and resources for meditation

  • Custom Mindfulness in the workplace workshop for teams or orgs within the company

  • Unlimited Access to Haven Inspired Group Sessions 

  • Meditation resources provided to employees

Group Meditation & Vision Board Sessions

  • 2-hour one-time session

  • Provided either virtual or in person

  • Discussion on Vision boarding and how it works

  • Journaling session to prepare for vision boarding

  • 7-10 minute Live Meditation 

  • Vision board session 

Corporate Group Sessions
Great for Large groups or Corporate Settings 

Check Out A Meditation Sample

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