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Nah...Self, Let Me Be Great!

Inspiration & Workbook

Self-doubt has always been a struggle for me. It wasn't until I took certain steps that I was able to be better. I share these steps in my book and pray that it finds those who need it.


Haven Inspired Style

Positive Affirmation Tees!

As you go through your day, we are here to remind you that your safe haven should always start within yourself. Give yourself the gift of positive affirmations by checking out our Haven Merch!


Free Meditation Videos

Haven Inspired on Youtube

Check out our pre-recorded guided meditations on Youtube. Make sure to subscribe to get alerts for new videos posted every Sunday!


Haven Inspired Blog

Grow With Me Sis

Make sure to check out our blog which discusses everything from Self-Care, Meditation,  Spirituality, to  Physical health!

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About Haven Inspired


Haven Inspired is a Virtual Meditation studio dedicated to teaching and guiding individuals in meditation and mindfulness practices.  We have the tools and understanding to assist you in creating the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self.  Our commitment is to assist you in emotional & spiritual healing; also provide you with accountability, understanding, and support.

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