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What Is Meditation?

Simply put, meditation is a set of practices or techniques that provide a heightened sense of awareness and focused attention.

Think of it as exercise for the mind!


About Debbi

Certified Meditation Coach & Author

As a Philadelphia area native, Debbi has always had a heart for people. Through the years, that heart and empathy have grown into a passion and purpose to assist others in healing. Debbi has used her past experiences such as job loss, self-pity, divorce, and teen pregnancy as fuel to help motivate and inspire others. Since 2020, Debbi has been a practicing Meditation Coach with one goal in mind: to guide those who seek to strengthen their emotional intelligence and live a life of purpose and well-being through meditation. Whether you're experiencing pain, stress, or anxiety, or simply want to improve your mental state, Debbi is here to help you become the best version of yourself. 

As a certified meditation coach and Author, Debbi carries on that desire for meditation and mindfulness which has been a solid foundation in her life. Debbi specializes in assisting individuals in integrating meditation and mindfulness into their everyday life. Debbi is a faith-based meditation coach, with the desire of teaching meditation and mindfulness in the most practical way. 

*Debbi's may incorporate Christian principles into her meditation services. When this is done it will be articulated ahead of time and articulated in the title of the class being offered. Meditation can be used in a spiritual or practical way and Debbi is skilled in both areas. Debbi's main focus is to teach meditation in its most practical form and if clients wish to add spiritual elements, they can do so based on their personal faiths or beliefs.

Our goal is for our clients to achieve these attributes:

H- Be HEALTHY: Strive to be healthy emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

A- Be AUTHENTIC: Give yourself permission to be your authentic self in all aspects of your life

V- Be VIBRANT: Be mindful, alert, and vigilant in all aspects of life.

E- Be EMPATHETIC: Give grace & support to yourself and those around you.

N- Be NOURISHED: Be mindful of your needs and fill yourself with those things when depleted

"Meditation has changed my life for the better! I want to share this practice with as many people as I can because meditation creates a space for people to understand themselves and others. "

What a beautiful and positive experience! Very calming and soothing!

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This was so touching and personal, that it made me extremely emotional and grateful. Thank you for such a quick yet impactful meditation video.

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This was great. The guidance kept me focused.

Virtual Meditation Student

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Get Informed

How do classes work?

Our classes are an interactive experience via Zoom where we come together as a group to discuss goals and spend our sessions in meditation to explore how to get there. Whether spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical goals, the answers we seek are within. Sometimes we just need the time to hear.

How long are the classes?

30 Minutes

What happens in class?

Each class has a focused topic. Our classes are broken down into 3 areas. Educate, meditate, & plan. First, we talk through as a group what our needs are based on the class topic. I educate you on how to meditate and the type of meditation we will be using. We do a meditation to help support the topic. I then send you off with a plan to execute until the next class. (Journal prompts, mindfulness action items, meditation goals etc) Just that simple!

How long does it take to see results?

You get out what you put in. I am here as a guide to help assist in healing. Whether you see results start with you and your commitment to the process.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies based on your plan. Check out our class passes page for more info.

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